"In the Life"

(Work In Progress)

This multi-year project will culminate in the production of both scholarly publications in academic journals and a full length solo work. 

The introductory spark for this project was my Master’s thesis that focused on the significant blending of cultures between Mi’kmaq, Black Loyalist, and French Acadian, with special emphasis on the banning of culture in Canada. This paper only scratched the surface of what I had intended to uncover, and I am thrilled to be able to study further, consulting experts in the field, examining historical artifacts, reflecting upon some of the long term results of colonization, and assessing the complex effects on myself and future generations.

This past summer, I began my research in Nova Scotia. I began genealogical research at the Nova Scotia Archives examining holdings in their online archives and in house records. Additionally, I began searching through rare texts that recorded, for example, the listing of Indigenous people as livestock in the Nova Scotia census around the eighteenth century. Such examples of discrimination based on race demonstrate the shocking and rarely-noted marginalization of Indigenous populations in Canadian history.