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CommissionEd Work 

Photo by Drew Berry

"Beast A La Mode"

This short work will be part of the mixed program for the  ProArteDanza fall season at the Harbourfront Centre, Toronto Ontario. This short work will be the basis of a new full length work to premiere in 2025.

Choreographer: Syreeta Hector 

Collaborators: Sasha Ludavicius, Jake Poloz, Kelly Shaw, Eleanor van Veen, Evan Webb

Premiere: Fall 2022 Harbourfront Centre Fleck Dance Theatre 

Partners: Choreographers Workshop at ProArteDanza

"From The Top"

This highly physical quartet examines the roots that connect us to our family histories and considers what we inherit from our ancestors and the landscape of Eastern Canada. Delving into essential elements of human conversation, From the Top celebrates the potential of how unique identities can create a cohesive voice.

Creator: Syreeta Hector  

Performers: Susanne Chui, Syreeta Hector, Sarah Hopkin, I'thandi Munro

Dramaturgical Support: Sara Coffin

Sound Design: Germaine Liu and Mark Zurawinski, with additional music by Jordan Farmer/Tempo

Premiere: Fluid Forms, Mocean's 20th Anniversary Mainstage


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