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Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh


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"Not Another Naked"
Premiering 2025

Has the naked white body on stage lost it’s ability to shock / provoke / titillate due to its relentless exposure? Do non-white bodies elicit these responses due to their exoticism, scarcity, and unfamiliarity?

"Not Another Naked" is not only be about who gets to be seen in art, it is about how they are perceived, and the privileges that have may or may not come with it.



“NAN,” is a collection of hypnotically cinematic tableaus, improvised physical tasks, and poignant/silly text that aims to chip away at these questions. 





Partners:  Toronto Dance Theatre's Pilot Project Program, The Incubator Program at Citadel + Compagnie, Stratford Lab Residency Program.  

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Unknown Marrow

(Premiering 2026)

Unknown Marrow will be Syreeta's second solo performance. It will explore the influence of ancestry, landscape, lost, and language that is within a dancer's blood memory. Syreeta will investigate the complicated relationship between her ancestors in Nova Scotia, examine the fragility and resilience of these peoples and how this effects future generations. Within the work, she will question the various ways we cope with difficult histories, deal with grief, and consider the way we share information about these complex lineages.








Partners: York University 

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